Ceramic tiles are nearly always glazed, therefore cannot be sealed. Some ceramic tiles are micro porous and will hold a sealer to aid protection against dirt ingress. The main problems we encounter when restoring ceramic is that the grout is normally recessed and this can act as a dirt trap on floor tiles when they are mopped leading to a build-up of dirt on the grout.

Whether your ceramic tiles are micro porous or not we can clean them and clean most grouts which can then seal the grout lines to help protect against future dirt ingress.

Ceramic tile cleaning

Ceramic cleaning with grout cleaning and sealing


Nearly all Porcelain is glazed, so it does not need to be sealed. So if your Porcelain has taken in dirt and is looking dull and lifeless, it can be properly cleaned. By using our methods, which includes the use of our floor cleaning machines and the correct cleaning products. We can deep clean the tiles as well as cleaning the grout lines, leaving them cleaned and sealed.

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