Grout Cleaning, Sealing and Re-Colouring

Grouts are porous and, as a result, they easily absorb grease, dirt and lime scale. Spillages such as wine, lemonades or greasy substances will cause marks and patches in the joints in the floor. Grout between wall-tiles, particularly in damp areas like bathrooms, will become dirty and unattractive as a result of Mould, Mildew and Limescale.

Mould is one of the most unsightly problems, which usually starts off in the wettest area of the room, this could be the bottom of the shower or bath, then starts to spread and if left unchecked could cover a large area of the wall.

Discolouration of grout joints in bath or shower areas due to continued use of acid formulated shampoos and soaps. This causes yellow orange and pink stains to the grout over even a short period of time.

The answer is obvious, protect the grout using a sealer. Although relatively unknown in the UK, protection awareness is growing. Sealing forms an invisible barrier between the grout and the surface, this will then protect your investment for years to come

Grout Cleaning by Restore That Floor

We were asked to clean and seal grout lines on a ceramic floor, they were completely discoloured from ground in dirt, which is normal on unsealed grout. Whenever the floor was cleaned or mopped dirty water was pushed into the grout lines where it dries, making it impossible to look clean, leaving the house owner frustrated and embarrassed when they had visitors. As you can see below the grout looks very dark and was actually a cream grout.   

pastedGraphic.png     pastedGraphic_1.png

We went to work deep cleaning the grout and it wasn’t long until the transformation was clear to see in the images below.

pastedGraphic_2.png           pastedGraphic_3.png

Now the grout is cleaned sealed the grout will obtain its natural colour fully protected against spills, oils and now easy to maintain.

Below you will see our grout colouring and how it transforms a floor. 

The customer was contemplating removing the tiles because they were so unhappy with the appearance, we saved them hundreds of pounds by cleaning the ceramic tiles, cleaning the grout the colouring the grout which is also a sealer which protects the grout from future staining.

dirty grout lines before colouring
Grout lines cleaned and coloured