Victorian Tiles

Victorian tiles were traditionally and still are used for entrance areas and hallways, where their colours and patterns would create a bright colourful first appearance. Being very hard wearing they have survived through years of use and in places neglect, often found hidden under carpets or wooden floors we are regularly asked to bring these beautiful tiles back to life. See below what we can achieve:

Most of the Victorian tile floors we see have been covered and hidden from view for years and are in a desperate need for restoration. In most cases some tiles are cracked or chipped and these can be replaced or repaired. The next stage is to clean the surface of built in grime, paint splashes, adhesive from the removed carpet and any other stains and marks.

Once this has been achieved it’s time for a deep clean and preparation for the sealers, the Victorian tiles must be left to completely dry, once dry the first coat of sealer can be applied, this is followed by a further 4 – 5 coats until a full seal and protection is achieved.  

You will see below a collection of Victorian tiles cleaned and restored all carried out by Restore That Floor, Whether your Victorian tiles need a light clean or full restoration, contact us now for a FREE assessment and quote.


From dull and worn…………. To clean and bright    

pastedGraphic.png         pastedGraphic_1.png



Victorian tiles covered in paint splashes and dirt from being neglected for years…………. 


pastedGraphic_2.png       pastedGraphic_3.png      pastedGraphic_4.png


Victorian tiles fully restored by Restore That Floor… What a difference!  


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